Our Network

Here at RackSRV we understand the need for high quality internet bandwidth and as such have spared no expense in insuring that both our upstream and our own internal networking equipment are up to the job as having access to fantastic internet routing is pointless without having suitable hardware for delivery!
Our Network
Whilst we own and manage our switching and routing equipment we decided that taking a static IP transit from a reliable and competent upstream backed by a comprehensive SLA was a better approach than dabbling in BGP routing ourselves. We connect to our upstream, Goscomb Technologies, via two diverse backhauls links to London - one going via a NEOS circuit to Telehouse North and the other going via a seperate private dark fibre circuit to Telehouse East.
Goscomb Technologies operate a redundant network spanning 3 countries running on the latest Juniper and Cisco hardware. We buy only directly from Tier 1 providers such as NTT and Level(3) on direct GigE or greater ports.
In addition to this we peer extensively in London, Amsterdam and Paris being members of LINX, LONAP, AMS-IX, NL-ix, France IX and Equinix Paris with further exchange memberships pending. Select private peerings compliment these exchange connections for destinations with heavy traffic flows or of operational importance. Peering partners include networks such as BT, Virgin Media/NTL:Telewest, RETN, PCCW, Claranet, Janet and more.
- Extract courtesy of Goscomb Technologies.
You can test throughput to our network by grabbing a 10MB/100MB test file from our file server at pxe1.racksrv.com/speed. Additionally latency and routing can be tested by pinging our website URL directly (www.racksrv.com) as it is hosted onsite.
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