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Magento Hosting

Whether you need a home for a small Magento store for your homemade wares or a complex and resource intensive store for thousands of customisable products, we’ve got your covered! Reach out to us and we'll advise on the most suitable platform for you.

Choose Your Hosting Plan

  • Hosting Platform

    Ecommerce Stores (?)

    CPU Allowance

    Fast SSD Storage

    RAM Allowance

    Free SSL Included

    Daily Backup (?)

    Managed Support

    Included Migrations (?)

    Package Pricing (?)

  • Magento #1
    Shared Hosting 1 2x Xeon Cores 50GB 2GB 1 from £14.99/mo Setup Now
  • Magento #2
    Cloud Hosting Up to 3 4x Xeon Cores 100GB 4GB Up to 3 from £63.74/mo Setup Now
  • Magento #3
    Dedicated Hosting Unlimited 12x Xeon Cores 4x 240GB SSD 64GB Up to 5 from £212.49/mo Setup Now
    • Magento #1
    • Hosting PlatformShared Hosting
    • Ecommerce Stores1
    • CPU Allowance2x Xeon Cores
    • Fast SSD Storage50GB
    • RAM Allowance2GB
    • Free SSL Included
    • Daily Backup
    • cPanel Included
    • Managed Support
    • Included MigrationsUp to 5
    • Package Pricing£14.99/mo
    • Setup Now
    • Magento #2
    • Hosting PlatformCloud Hosting
    • Ecommerce Storesup to 3
    • CPU Allowance4x Xeon Cores
    • Fast SSD Storage50GB
    • RAM Allowance4GB
    • Free SSL Included
    • Daily Backup
    • cPanel Included
    • Managed Support
    • Included Migrations
    • Package Pricing£63.74/mo
    • Setup Now
    • Magento #3
    • Hosting PlatformDedicated Hosting
    • Ecommerce StoresUnlimited
    • CPU Allowance12x Xeon Cores
    • Fast SSD Storage4x 240GB SSD
    • RAM Allowance64GB
    • Free SSL Included
    • Daily Backup
    • cPanel Included
    • Managed Support
    • Included MigrationsUp to 3
    • Package Pricing£212.49/mo
    • Setup Now
Speedy Hosting Setup

Our automated provisioning system will have your web hosting account online instantaneously - ready and waiting for your domain names once propagated!

UK Based Support

We are a UK business providing UK web hosting solutions and therefore think it's only right that our clients get to speak to real people within the UK.

Complete Control

We know that some customers like to 'do it' themselves which is why we include access to self-service features like rDNS & backup recovery.

cPanel Included

All of our web hosting packages include cPanel & WHM free of charge. cPanel is a feature rich & class leading hosting panel recognised throughout the industry.

Fast Hosting Infrastructure

Don't let our competitive pricing mislead you, our UK network and web hosting infrastructure boasts quality and speed! See for yourself by visiting our 'about' pages?

Flexible Billing Intervals

Whether you need the flexibility of paying monthly or prefer the peace of mind & cost saving that paying upfront brings, we have a solution for you!

Service Guaranteed

Unmanaged Managed

Whether you need to host a blog about your hobby or an entire catalogue of ecommerce websites, we can help!

Here is a brief snapshot highlighting the key differences between our unmanaged and managed tiers:

  • Instant Account Setup

    Daily R1soft Backups

    Website Availability Monitoring

    Standard Response Time

    Escalated Response Time (24x7)

  • Unmanaged
    ≤ 1 working day No SLA
  • Managed
    ≤ 1 working hour 30 mins
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Customer Feedback

  • The service is very good. We have no issues with the support. They are always on-time to provide assistance.

    Rommel - PnD Hongkong Limited
  • Very happy with service, just no longer a requirement for the server. will definitely be looking again should our needs change.

    Jason - TFLI Ltd
  • RackSRV has been our UK server provider for as long as we can remember. They have always provided us with a stable server and professional support, even if we caused a problem on the server ourselves. RackSRV is all we look for in a trusted server provider. Thanks guys!

    Gerben - Hyperized Hosting
  • never ceases to amaze me how quick they respond to tickets and how knowledgable they are. Definitely my 1st choice!

  • The support service (especially out-of-hours) that you personally, and your team have provided has been of a very high standard, so I'm a little sorry to be leaving. Will definitely consider your services again in the future.

    Alex - Translation Business Systems International (UK) Limited
  • Like many I had been buying servers from American companies with poor customer support under the illusion that you just can't get a decent server for a decent price in the UK. Racksrv disproved that myth for me. Their offer of a powerful server based in the UK, generous transfer allowances, and awesome customer supp...

  • We have been a customer with RackSRV for many years. They are very responsive to queries and are always willing to help us. Even when it involves after hours service! Solids servers and solid support.