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Article Binding multiple IPs to one interface in Windows
The following procedure will guide you through how to add Multiple IP Addresses to one interface. 1. Open Control Panel and Network Connections. 2. Right-click the...
Views: 7881
Article Can I have custom rDNS / reverse PTR records?
All rDNS management can now be done quickly and easily by logging into our client portal. Once on your 'My Services' tab simply click on the desired service and look...
Views: 4696
Article Changing hostname in Centos
The steps to change the hostname on your Dedicated Server / VPS in Centos are as follows:1.) Login to SSH as root2.) Type "vi /etc/sysconfig/"3.) Press insert on the...
Views: 3811
Article Changing Linux server time zone
If you want to change the time zone for your server to match your own time zone then this can be done very easily by doing the following: 1.) Remove the existing time...
Views: 2929
Article Checking Linux O/S Version
Generally speaking to check what version of a Linux distribution you have installed you can issue: 1.) For Centos/Fedora: cat /etc/redhat-release 2.) For Debian: cat...
Views: 5351
Article cPanel logs for access, Apache, email, errors, ftp, mysql & WHM
cPanel logs most activity that happens on a server to log files so you can go back and review log entries for problems, instead of having to be on the server at the...
Views: 2824
Article Enable VPNs on your OpenVZ VPS (Tun/TAP)
TUN/TAP can now be enabled on an OpenVZ based VPS by the client, contacting RackSRV is no longer necessary. To enable TUN/TAP; Log into your VPS Control Panel...
Views: 4227
Article Enabling Passive Mode on your FTP Server
If you are running an FTP server behind CSF (a front end for iptables on Linux) then you will likely have run into issues with directory listing either being...
Views: 2215
Article How to alter SSH Port in Linux
To change SSH port on a Linux based device1) Login as root or a user on the sudouser list2) Locate and open the file sshd_config (usually in nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config)...
Views: 2446
Article How to open and close ports in CSF via WHM
This will guide you through opening and closing ports assuming you have WHM installed and can install the CSF plugin!1) Install CSF follow their documentation @...
Views: 7365
Article How to whitelist an IP in CSF Firewall (Managed clients only)
This article has been written to introduce managed clients to our firewall whitelist feature.1.) Login to client portal and navigate to the service in question (Client...
Views: 3163
Article Install and configure NTP in Centos
The steps to install and configure NTP in Centos are as follows:1.) Login into the server as the root user2.) Install the software by typing yum install ntp3.) Then...
Views: 6874
Article Installing an FTP Server on Centos or Fedora
To create an FTP Server on Centos or Fedora (in this instance vsftpd) you need to be logged in to terminal as root and then: To install vsftpd type: yum install...
Views: 7328
Article Remove Windows system reserved parition
Method to remove 100.00 MB System Reserved partition during Windows installation On the “Where do you want to install Windows?” partition screen of...
Views: 10579
Article Slow SSH login
Slow SSH logins are generally because your server/vps is attempting to do a rDNS lookup of your IP which it will log and this can often cause a delay. You can disable...
Views: 6034
Article Suspending monitoring for maintenance (Managed clients only)
It is now possible to temporarily suspend the monitoring of Managed Dedicated Servers & VPS services via our client area.Doing so is advisable if you plan to...
Views: 2022

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