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Article Binding multiple IPs to one interface in Centos
The steps to add additional IP's to one network card / interface in Centos are as follows:1.) Login into the server as the root user2.) Navigate to...
Views: 21561
Article Binding multiple IPs to one interface in Debian/Ubuntu
Important Notes: 1.) Before making any changes to your network configuration, please make sure you obtain any relevant information such as Gateway, Subnet and...
Views: 28507
Article Binding multiple IPs to one interface in Windows
The following procedure will guide you through how to add Multiple IP Addresses to one interface. 1. Open Control Panel and Network Connections. 2. Right-click the...
Views: 7880
Article Can I have custom rDNS / reverse PTR records?
All rDNS management can now be done quickly and easily by logging into our client portal. Once on your 'My Services' tab simply click on the desired service and look...
Views: 4695
Article Enabling Passive Mode on your FTP Server
If you are running an FTP server behind CSF (a front end for iptables on Linux) then you will likely have run into issues with directory listing either being...
Views: 2215
Article How do I know my power requirements?
We're quite often approached by prospective clients who either have no idea what the power draw of their server will be or have calculated their power draw based on...
Views: 6025
Article How do I perform a tracert?
If you or one of your customers is experiencing a less than optimal route into our network resulting in higher latency or packetloss then it is advisable to submit a...
Views: 5797
Article How do I reboot my server?
To remotely reboot your dedicated / colocated server, please follow these simple steps: 1.) Login to our client portal at...
Views: 4628
Article Insurance on colocated equipment
Q: Do RackSRV take care of insuring any colocated equipment and the data on it?A: No, it is the responsibility of the client to adequately insure any assets belonging...
Views: 5835
Article IP and DNS information
By default we only configure a services primary IP address allowing clients to configure any additional addresses as they see fit.As well as the usable IPs, you will...
Views: 13312
Article Reset forgotten root password with Centos 5/6
Please Note: In order to reset your Centos 5/6 password you will need KVM access to adjust your servers boot loader menu!1.) At the boot loader menu, use the arrow...
Views: 5881
Article Reset forgotten root password with Ubuntu
Please Note: In order to reset your Centos password you will need KVM access to adjust your servers boot loader menu!1.) Reboot your computer.2.) Hold Shift during...
Views: 2408
Article Slow SSH login
Slow SSH logins are generally because your server/vps is attempting to do a rDNS lookup of your IP which it will log and this can often cause a delay. You can disable...
Views: 6033
Article Storage of spare parts and packaging materials
Storage of spare parts (HDD's, RAM etc) This is generally not a problem, please contact us to see if there will be any fees involved for the storage. Storage...
Views: 2684
Article What do I need to send with my server?
All we require is your server (preferably pre-configured with network settings or if not we will need your login details to configure our end) and any rails it may...
Views: 2735
Article What is a glue record?
A glue record is the IP address of a name server held at the domain name registry.Glue records are required when you wish to set the name servers of a domain name to a...
Views: 3594
Article What is KVMoIP?
KVMoIP (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) over IP allows IT administrators to remotely manage their UK dedicated box even when their usual remote access software (SSH, RDP, VNC...
Views: 8160

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Please Note: In order to reset your Centos password you will need KVM access to ...
As of Java version 7 onwards, the Java development team continue to make securit...
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