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We at use-IP Ltd have been a RackSRV customer for approximately 10 years, with a fully-managed dedicated server.

We run an ecommerce business; essentially, our webshop IS our business.
Therefore, good hosting and great support is vital.

For a short period we were tempted away from RackSRV to another host by a development company that we were using at that time.
The reduction in support, and lack of communication experienced whilst with that host (an ecommerce specialist) was staggering and very stressful!

It was great to return to RackSRV.
A weight off my mind.
Jon and his team look after us and our site so well.
They always respond quickly.
They are, by nature, always helpful.
They go above and beyond what they are contracted to do.
On multiple occasions I have known them to outwit expensive, expert, hired web developers!

It is fantastic to know that Jon and his team ‘have your back’ – they always do the right thing for you, your server, and your site.
Phil - Use-ip Ltd
I came to RackSRV needing a team to get a server up and running, monitor it, upgrade and update it when needed and to take care off all the 'techy' stuff that I'm incapable of!

When I moved to RackSRV I'd have a number of previous server hosts for my websites, all of which left me frustrated.

I've used Racksrv for a few years now and throughout I've always known that if I need anything the team are just an email away and is attended to immediately which is just what I need for peace of mind.

The RackSRV guys even recently offered me a move to a vastly updated server free of charge which has made a huge difference to the things I do with the server.

Can't recommend them enough whether you're looking for a simple webhosting solution or if like my you go the whole hog for a large fully managed dedicated server.
Neil - Aggressive Limited
Outstanding customer service, thank you very much.
Philip - Quantum Jobs.com Limited
My client has used RackSRV since 2013 and they have been fantastic. We migrated to RackSRV from another leading UK hosted solutions company that seemed obsessed with upselling unsuitable solutions at ridiculous prices - RackSRV have in contrast found suitable solutions at reasonable prices.

It is so rare to talk to a solutions specialist that has excellent customer service skills as well as a desire to make us happy, Jon and his team have always been available and approachable.

I would recommend RackSRV to anyone that needs hosted servers and wants to deal with real people who care. It's so refreshing to be able to talk to the same person each time, someone with the right knowledge and attitude to help.

Thank you Jon and co for making my life as an IT contractor as easy as possible.
I moved my hosting to RackSRV 10 years ago after a friend recommended them. In that time my support tickets have always been answered instantly, any issues I've had with my website have been sorted quickly and I don't remember any downtime.

Excellent service, I can't recommend this company and team enough!
James - Talk Chelsea

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Customer Feedback

  • Thanks for the last 6 years. If I need hosting in the future I will be sure to check out what you're offering.

    Daniel - Rose Computer Services
  • I've been a customer of RackSRV for the last 10 years. We have our client's websites hosted on dedicated severs. The service and up-time is outstanding and reliability have only improved with each passing year. We have never faced any major problem during this time.and any issues we had were resolved professi...

    Mahesh - PixelCrafts
  • Fast customer support and fast speeds from racksrv. Don't look anywhere else if you need a server based in the UK at an affordable price!

    Karl Heinz
  • Having made the decision to move network host in July 2008 I was in the process of shopping around. I came across RackSRV and was very impressed with the owners knowledge and commitment to his then small business. I had evaluated other larger competitors but wasnt happy with the lack of information and impersonal way t...

    Anthony - TMD Assocaites Limited
  • I've been with Racksrv now since 2007 and very happy with the service provided. Jon and the Racksrv team always seem to go beyond the call of duty to support and accommodate your needs. If someone is looking for a decent hosting solution backed by a high quality team I would instantly recommend Racksrv.

  • Jon and Lee have been very helpful and responsive with all technical matters. We feel Racksrv provide a reliable and a high quality service, would not hesitate in recommending their service to anyone needing a high performance Hosting as well as Datacentre requirements.

    Shiraz - Tomlinsons Book Service
  • Excellent support; good people to work with. Jon and Lee have been great to deal with, and I would not hesitate to recommend Racksrv. They do a very good job of communicating with clients, and are always quick to answer any queries.

    David - Britain Express Limited