UK Web Hosting Servers

Below are a sample of common server specification requests we receive from clients using our services to offer UK based web hosting. These packages all include a web hosting control panel (cPanel with WHM or DirectAdmin available), hardware based RAID configured for redundancy and double our default IP allocation as standard.
  • Processor(s)
  • RAM Configuration
  • Data Storage
  • 10x Dedicated IPs
  • cPanel / DirectAdmin
  • 100Mbit Port
  • Instant Reboots
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • Server Management
  • Setup ETA
Web Host #1
  • Intel QuadCore 2.4Ghz+
  • 8GB DDR2 ECC
  • 2x 500GB+ SATA in RAID1
  • 1-2 Working Days


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Rapid Deployment
Our web host dedicated servers are built to order from parts kept in stock, please allow up to 24 hours for us to build, license and deploy your server.
Zero Setup Fee
We want you to try our services and what better way to encourage this then to keep your initial costs to a minimum by offering you free setup?
UK Based Support
We are a UK business providing UK hosting solutions and therefore think it's only right that our clients get to speak to real people within the UK.
KVMoIP Available
For a nominal fee of £10 per month per server we can provide permanent lights out access to servers via a web browser with java support.
Complete Control
Our client portal allows clients to reboot their server, re-install it's OS, view network usage and manage rDNS on the fly, 24x7 and for free!
Free Hosting Panel
Clients ordering our 'off-the-shelf' web hosting servers are eligible for a free license of either cPanel or DirectAdmin with our complements.
No Contract Tie-In
We think the key to a long working relationship is great service and not a lengthy contract which is why our pricing is based on a rolling 30 day term.
Fast UK Network
Don't let our budget pricing mislead you, our network boasts quality and speed! Why not see for yourself by visiting our network page?


Unless otherwise stated, all our services are hosted from within our multi-gigabit POP in Kent Science Park in Sittingbourne where we maintain an onsite presence during office hours. We do not rely on third parties to look after out kit and when contacting our support department you deal only with our staff.

Despite being external to London, we have fibre based diverse connections back to Telehouse North and East where we collect primary and backup transits. The additional latency vs using a provider on-net in London is approx. 1.5ms - we believe this slight increase in latency is *far* outweighed by the lower and more sustainable pricing we can offer in Kent!

Supported OS's:

At request we can usually support most operating systems but "out of the bag" we cater for Centos, Debian, Ubuntu Fedora and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012.

Our bespoke control panel allows for completely automated or guided (e.g. custom partitions/user accounts etc) at the click of a button 24x7.

Custom Partitions:

As our service is unmanaged, it's generally the client’s responsibility to provision any custom partitions and the easiest way to accommodate this is to issue an O/S re-install using the guided/attended approach where you will then receive SSH or VNC access to login and adjust accordingly.

If for whatever reason this is not possible then clients can put custom partition requirements in their order comment box and we will try our best to accommodate them.

Additional IPs / Max IPs:

As a responsible RIPE LIR, we are very careful when handing out such a valuable and limited resource. We do not condone SPAMMING and frown upon wasting IP's for things such as outdated and blackhat SEO purposes. We will seek justification for any additional IP requests and will often require verification (e.g. proof of intent), especially for new clients.

Ordinarily we allocate additional IP's in blocks of 5 @ £5/month ex VAT and offer a maximum of 25 additional IP's (giving 30 in total).

Support level:

Unless specifically stated otherwise, our services are unmanaged by default. It’s assumed that clients signing up for our services are competent in suitably administering their server to ensure its kept secure.

Unmanaged server clients are more than welcome to open support matters by ticket during office hours and where possible we will provide guidance. Anything more involved may be chargeable but if a charge is applicable then this will be discussed with the client before any work commences.

Naturally, network or data centre related matters are monitored proactively and actioned 24x7.

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